Yamazaki Baking Co., Ltd., was founded in Japan on March 9, 1948, by Tojuro Iijima and began as a provider of reasonably priced, fresh, high-quality baked goods in the post- World War II era, when most of Japan was still experiencing severe food shortages. Yamazaki Baking modernized through aggressive technological advances and the installation of state-of-the-art equipment and systems from Europe and North America. At the same time, the company expanded its offerings, introducing breads and other products from around the world into the Japanese market and contributing to the enhancement of Japanese lifestyles and dietary culture. As a result, Yamazaki Baking is No.1 bakery in Japan.

For over sixty years since its founding, Yamazaki Baking has significantly broadened its operations with current employees of around 18,000 and 27 factories across Japan. Today, the company’s lineup centers bread, sweet buns, Japanese-style confectionery, Western-style confectionery, processed bread and prepared rice and side dishes, as well as jam, desserts and prepared foods in retort pouches. Every day, our trucks run 460,000 km per day across Japan or equal to approximately 11 times the earth circumference to provide the customers with a wide range of baked goods in fresh and under high quality controls.

After spreading its wings to 9 countries such as Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan and the USA, Yamazaki is present in Indonesia with brand MYROTI.

Yamazaki Indonesia was established in 2012 which is located in Delta Mas, Cikarang, Bekasi and started operation in November 2014. Current employee is around 270 and distribution areas are including Jabodetabek and Bandung with more than 4,500 stores. In April 2014, Yamazaki Indonesia obtained Halal certification from the Indonesian Council of Ulama (MUI).

Current high technology from Japan, strict quality control and team spirit are the key to bring “Japanese quality” and “Delicious” through various types of bread such as White bread, Sandwich, Sobek, Roll, and many more.

Company Profile (Per 31 Desember 2015)

Company Name PT. Yamazaki Indonesia
Head Office Kawasan Industri Greenland Batavia Blok BA No. 1, Desa Sukamahi, Kec. Cikarang Pusat, Kabupaten Bekasi
President Director Ichiro Saito
Establish on February, 2012
Total Capital Rp 380,000,000,000
Employees 270


Yamazaki Key Milestones:

  • 1948: Tojuro Iijima founds Yamazaki Baking Co. in Ichikawa City, Chiba, Japan
  • 1955: The company launches sales of packaged sliced bread
  • 1977: Yamazaki bakery store opens in Los Angeles
  • 1981: Yamazaki bakery store opens in Hong Kong
  • 1984: Yamazaki bakery store opens in Thailand
  • 1987: Yamazaki bakery store opens in Taiwan
  • 1998: Yamazaki bakery store opens in Malaysia
  • Feb. 2014: Yamazaki established its foundation partnering with Local Company with the name PT. Yamazaki Indonesia
  • Nov 2014: Officially launched its product line in Indonesian market


  • Applying a strict quality control to ensure product safety
  • Air shower before entering the production line

For a food company, quality control is very important to protect the safety of its products. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of food, QA/QC Division at Yamazaki Indonesia is responsible for food safety and hygiene training and supervision. QA/QC Division tests ingredients and products, checks product labels, inspects the hygiene of production lines, and educates employees about hygiene. In addition, through the application of scientific methods, QA/QC Division works to promote the cleaning, inspection, and improvement of facilities as well as to carry out safety measures focused on preventing contamination. Yamazaki Indonesia undertakes stringent health and safety management from all possible angles in order to justify its customers’ trust.

Yamazaki Baking has been making bread for more than half a century. In recent years, Yamazaki Baking has been producing more than 1000 new bread products every year. Yamazaki Indonesia as its subsidiary company inherits the company’s rigorous quality controls, latest technologies and entrepreneurial spirit which are all designed to provide customers with a wide range of products.

Yamazaki Indonesia recognizes that it must have an accurate understanding of consumer preferences in Indonesia and develop new products accordingly in order to keep offering customers new and delicious tastes. Yamazaki employees are encouraged to participate in the development of new products with a close watch on the market, and to introduce technical innovations to achieve exciting, new adventures in taste.